String bending on guitar

String bending is the most important lead technique for electric guitar. There are hardly any great rock, blues, or metal solos that don’t use this technique. Yet many guitarists do it wrong, not getting the bends in tune or having poor control. So I made a video to show you how it’s done, because I know everything.

I would love to take your money from you, and in return I would happily show you how to bend strings and do many other exciting things on guitar which will make you happier and more desirable to the opposite sex (and the same sex, for that matter). Check out, and be aware that I am currently offering a free introductory lesson for new students. That’s right, a free guitar lesson (in Bath).


About bathguitarlessons

I rock. When I am not rocking, I instruct others in the ways of rock. I am a guitar teacher in Bath. I write for Total Guitar, I do sessions, and I play in my band. Life is good.
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